Hors D'oeuvres
For Chefs. By Chefs.





The Founding Fathers

Our humble beginning started with former executive Chefs Walter Schoepf and Karl Degiacomu. Walter and Karl have many years of experience and where both very seasoned executive chefs.

Having cooked in Europe, The Caribbean and then in America. In 1990 Walter and Karl founded Culinary Specialties.

The chefs saw the raw potential of the Tampa Bay area and introduced a service to local chefs no one else could.

Culinary Specialties worked with local chefs to take the vision that they had for a dish or an hors d’oeuvres and produce that product for the chef exactly to their specification for a reasonable price allowing the chef his vision without the associated labor. This was a brilliant new business model in 1990 and in 2020 it is still the nature of what we do.

In 2020, Walter and Karl have transitioned to advisors and put Culinary Specialties in the Hands of April Music and Mark Medeiros. April and Mark are both very seasoned hospitality professionals and will work very hard to take Culinary Specialties into even more exciting directions in 2020 and beyond.